The client

Manousos is a wholesale company selling Greek traditional food products with more than 25 years of experience. The company is mainly focused on Cretan products, but it is also expanding in several other areas in Greece. Their clients are mainly restaurants, hotels, and smaller retail stores. When Manousos contacted me, they had a need for a new, refreshed logo, in order to meet the need for a modern and competitive branding.

Manousos logo above a creased brown paper
Manousos logo on a cylindrical case


One of the client’s demands was that they wanted the Crete icon on their logo, in order to retain the feeling of their previous branding. This was a little restrictive, because the Crete itself is a maximal icon, and I wanted to keep a balance between a traditional and a modern flat logo. The idea that quickly gained traction, was to mix the Crete icon with a branch of an olive tree, always in a modern way. Olive trees are very common in Crete and most of Manousos’ products are based on olive oil, so it felt like the perfect combination. After a couple of revisions, we had our final logo!


My collaboration with Manousos did not end after the logo was completed. I also created their brand new invoices, banners, sports jerseys, and a lot more are coming up in the near future. I am a big fan of businesses having a cohesive, memorable branding, and as in all my projects, I focused on doing the same with Manousos.

If you want to get a better feeling of the Manousos’ logo, click here.

Manousos logo on a tote bag and a box

We just asked Julia to refresh our logo and she created something awesome! She fulfilled everything we needed, adding her artistic skills into the mix! If you assign her a project, you can be certain that it will be perfect and with every detail attended to, as she really loves her job and channels all her energy into it. It was a pleasure working with Julia and we totally recommend her!

Ariadni Leonidaki - Photo

Ariadni, Manousos

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