Myalo Kalokairi

The client

Myalo Kalokairi is a design I made for Taraccoon, a project where children quotes and paintings are displayed on T-shirts. The concept behind Taraccoon is that children often talk about and give the answers to the great truths of life through their paintings, their words, and their actions. A city full of joyful sketches or messages, spoken by little artists, would create a revolution of beautiful emotions. I am super glad that I contributed to this little revolution and created one of their designs.

Myalo Kalokairi design in a black frame
Myalo Kalokairi design in two notepads and several stationery items

Meaning & Design

Myalo Kalokairi is a phrase originally said by Thaleia, a seven year old girl. If you try to translate it in English, it literally means “Summer Mind”. But the true meaning of the phrase, and what our little artist had in mind, is your mind to feel like it is always summer, i.e. warm, relaxing, and full of happy faces. Therefore, I mixed all of these elements in a typography design that contains a sun and a happy smile along with the quote, always causing pleasant emotions to anyone that sees it. There are a lot of color options available for “Myalo Kalokairi”, such as black, white, and purple-orange.

Print Design

In print design, the most important thing that should be taken care of is the rendering of the colors and designs. You can often get different results between the digital and the print version, and thus I contacted the printer of Taraccoon in order to collaborate and achieve a perfect outcome. A palette I love to use in print design is Pantone®, which is widely supported and guarantees a solid result in your final printed products. In this project, I suggested two very bold and vivid Pantone colors: Pantone Ultra Violet & Pantone Citrus.

If you want to get a better feeling of Taraccoon, click here.

A purple t-shirt with Myalo Kalokairi design on it
The Brain Hacking Academy logo hanging on a banner
The Brain Hacking Academy
Dare to Change logo hanging on a banner
Dare to Change