The Brain Hacking Academy

The client

The Brain Hacking Academy is a Greek podcast focusing on how to achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself. Dimitris and Phyllis, the founders and hosts of The Brain Hacking Academy, asked me to create a powerful cover that points out the themes of their podcast. Specifically, those are the foundations of personal development, as well as learning, productivity, and well-being. To encompass those concepts, I had the idea to create a modern set of icons that would then form a square, the ideal shape for a podcast cover.

The Brain Hacking Academy logo hanging on a banner
The Brain Hacking Academy logo and icons on a notepad and several stationery items

Creating the icons

The first step was to imagine this wide range of icons. Each and every one had to have a concept associated with it, one derived from the themes of The Brain Hacking Academy. After sketching a great variety of icons, the most challenging and time-consuming part became finding the best combination of them, in order to form a well-balanced and beautiful square.

Final Logo

After trying a lot of combinations, we decided on our final layout, leaving only one last step – the colors. Blue and orange quickly stood out as the perfect combination for this project, as they complement and beautifully balance one another. Blue is the color of success, calm, and power, while orange represents creativity, enthusiasm, and fun – and together, they create a powerful contrast. With that, the logo for The Brain Hacking Academy was ready!

If you want to get a better feeling of the logo and branding for The Brain Hacking Academy, click here.

A pile of business cards with The Brain Hacking Academy logo
The Metalearners logo on an A4 sheet and a wooden hand
The Metalearners
Dare to Change logo hanging on a banner
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