Alexandros Kandias

The client

Alexandros Kandias is a personal trainer based in Greece. His clients are mainly people who want to acquire a better quality of life, a great physical condition, or to face some health problems. He is specialized in functional training and spine rehabilitation, and has attended a lot of seminars in Greece and abroad. When Alexandros contacted me, he needed a powerful logo to represent his brand and website.

Alexandros Kandias logo on a binder
Alexandros Kandias' branding in A4 sheets and business cards


After a couple of logo suggestions, Alexandros and I decided to move on with the AK initials as the main logo guideline. He wanted a fresh, modern, and fiery AK logo, and had a preference in black and yellow as the main colors. After finalizing the logo design, I suggested a wide range of color combinations, mainly yellow and dark gray shades, along with some font options. Alexandros’ logo was ready!

Business Card

A fresh brand identity always needs some print design to promote it. So, after finishing the logo, I moved on to creating a business card layout based on the logo design. It is very important to have a consistent and recognizable branding, and I did just that with Alexandros’ project. A modern, minimal, and bold business card in yellow and dark gray was ready to be printed!

If you want to get a better feeling of the Alexandros Kandias’ branding, click here.

Alexandros Kandias' business card design, both sides
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