The client

Statathlon is a startup company that assists sports clubs with improving their competitiveness on the court, facilitating talent development at their academies, and preventing specific injuries. It utilizes collected data from multiple sources to create valuable, easy-to-grasp insights for coaches, athletes, and club management. When Dimitris Sakellaris, the founder of Statathlon, contacted me, the company was at an early stage and it needed a logo that would boost its competitiveness and branding.

Statathlon logo hanging on a banner
Statathlon logo on several stationery items, such as business cards and binders

S monogram

Statathlon was a pretty demanding project that spanned over a period of a few months. I had to imagine and create a wide range of designs and layouts, before Dimitris and I decided to move on with an S monogram for the logo. We needed the logo to be professional and minimal, yet give out a powerful and fiery feeling. To achieve that, I started working on bold yet simple designs, but something was missing – until almost the last day.


The final logo design came out of the blue, when I had a new idea that got me really excited, and sent it to Dimitris as a last minute suggestion. He got really excited as well, and decided to move on with that one for Statathlon’s logo. After a couple of font and color suggestions, we ended up with a black, modern, and symmetric logo to represent the company from then on. Along with the final design, I provided Statathlon with a bold version of the logo and a social media pack.

If you want to get a better feeling of the logo and branding for Statathlon, click here.

An iMac showing Statathlon's Facebook page

Julia did an impressive job on our logo and I am very satisfied with this collaboration. Sports Technology is a new field with a blurry identity in terms of design. That made the design process very demanding. Even though the procedure of creating the best, most suitable solution lasted a couple of months, Julia was always willing to provide new innovative ideas and solutions that eventually led to the final, beautiful result.

It’s not only us in Statathlon that we like Julia’s work. We have received positive feedback from Europe’s top-tier Sports Clubs and Organizations and even Academia. I would highly recommend Julia for a collaboration!

Dimitris Sakellaris - Photo

Dimitris, Statathlon Ltd.

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