Tholari Studios

The client

Tholari Studios is a beautiful resort located in the island of Schinoussa, in the eastern part of Cyclades, Aegean. The beautiful view of the light blue waters of Aegean creates a classic Cycladic landscape, awaiting to provide hospitality, comfort, and tranquility to the visitor. When Akathi, the owner of Tholari Studios, contacted me, she needed a modern online presence to promote her resort and a brand new logo to accompany it.

Tholari Studios logo surrounded by a wooden frame
Tholari Studios' business card design, both sides

Logo & Business Card

After trying a wide range of options and designs, we decided to move on with a typography logo that combines a calligraphy font with a sans-serif one. Regarding the colors, I couldn’t help but use a vivid light blue similar to the superb waters of the Aegean. The business cards I created for Tholari Studios are minimal, modern, and are based primarily on the logo. I love creating a cohesive branding experience in every one of my projects, and Tholari Studios was not an exception.

Web Design

For the website I collaborated with Dimitris Gkiokas, a web developer and SEO expert. We created a clear and modern presentation of the resort, so that the visitor can get the feeling of the place they are going to stay in. We added all the information they might need regarding the island, the beaches, the food, and much more. In addition, we made the website available in two languages, English and Greek, in order to cover all target audiences of Tholari Studios.

A set of iMac, Macbook, and iPhone showing Tholari Studios website


Responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of web development. It means making sure that the website is displayed properly in every screen size and orientation. This helps the website rank higher in Google results, it creates a much better user experience, and it strengthens the online presence of the company. For Tholari Studios, we developed a fully responsive website that can please every user that visits it, regardless of the device they use.

If you want to get a better feeling of the logo and web development for Tholari Studios, click here.

My collaboration with Julia was really great! She immediately understood my needs for the resort and came up with a beautiful logo and an amazing website as a result. What I loved more about Julia was her knowledge and understanding not just of design, but also of how everything comes together to enhance the actual business! I am really happy to have worked with Julia, and I’m looking forward to continuing our collaboration with her!

Akathi - Photo

Akathi, Tholari Studios

Alexandros Kandias
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