To Filema

The client

To Filema was an e-commerce store that sold Greek traditional food products, mainly in Greece. I was a member of To Filema’s team, which means that this project held special meaning to me.

The primary role I’d undertaken in the company was, unsurprisingly, that of the designer. I created every design that was needed, based on a cohesive branding identity that we developed in the very beginning. What I loved the most about this project was that I was completely free to create whatever I felt like, making To Filema a place where I could release my creativity, always within a healthy set of constraints formed by the needs of the company.

To Filema logo surrounded by a wooden frame
To Filema branding on business cards, A4 sheets and several stationery items

Print Design

Another major responsibility I had in the company was taking care of the customer experience. Due to the fact that To Filema sold physical products, it needed a lot of print design elements accompanying the shipments. Until it closed, we printed business cards, pricing tables, coasters, stickers, thank you cards, plus a lot more designs. Every brand needs print design that is as perfect as possible, since that displays the level of care and quality that the team puts in the company.


A very crucial aspect of any company is creating great and memorable branding. To Filema was no exception, so we stayed true to the branding guidelines we had decided on in the beginning. We chose 3 shades of green, with the lighter one being our main color. Every design of To Filema was based on these colors, especially so the little branch and the circle that was surrounding the logo. All these resulted in more brand awareness and the immediate recognition of the brand, whenever someone saw one of our designs.

A set of frames presenting To Filema logo in different versions


Every e-commerce store has the need of a strong online presence. Imagine visiting a physical store that is messy, where you cannot find the products you are looking for. You wouldn’t buy anything from it, right? That is the same with online stores. The website is the place where the customer goes to buy your products, and it needs to be as appealing as possible. For that reason, I created a clear, user-friendly, and modern layout that made the navigation and the virtual experience of To Filema’s website easy and pleasant.


Responsive design is an approach to web page creation that changes the layout according to the visitor’s screen size and orientation. Every website has to be displayed properly not only in desktops but also in mobiles and tablets. Approximately 50% of online users are using their mobile device to navigate on the web. Not only that, but Google also heavily appreciates when a website is responsive and helps the website rank higher as a result. I created a responsive online store for To Filema that made the buying process as easy as it could be on every device.

Unfortunately, To Filema is no longer online and you can’t get a live feeling of its branding and web development. I hope that the mockups I made for you will help you understand better the feeling of To Filema.

A set of iMac, Macbook, and iPhone showing To Filema website
Statathlon logo hanging on a banner